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About Us

Life Reformation Centre is a present-day-truth Apostolic Reformation Kingdom Community that was established in 2002 under the leadership of our Senior Elder Joseph Njoroge.

From its inception, LRC has been committed to the application of the gospel of the Kingdom of God in our lives. We uphold the Lordship of Jesus Christ and operate by the principles of the word of God. We are part of a global network of churches designated as Kingdom Community Network (KCN), which is one of the sectors of the Congress WBN.


We have embraced the system of networking of churches under a primary apostolic grace, which allows the flow of life and government based on divinely ordained relationships. Networking of Churches is a unique system that seeks to bring the Body of Christ into greater unity and functional oneness. This networking is based on commonality ofvalues, principles and recognition of a mutual Apostolic source. We are currently networking with many churches in East Africa and other nations in all the 5 continents of the earth.

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One thought on “About Us

  1. This picture really captures a heavy image of our technology of pulling resources from above. Where we draw our grace and resources from the other realm. Our patriarchs, the Kings, the prophets, the apostles and the martyrs lifted up their hands in worship. This activates the heavenly realm. Its a heritage that we have embraced.

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